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Naming Our Wines ~ Blush

Rosewood’s horses have contributed greatly to the heritage and the fine reputation of Rosewood Ranch, and we have paired their names with our wines, according to each horse’s unique characteristic and quality. Read more about each horse’s association with a variety of wine.

Red        Blush        White

ZIPPOS SHEIK III | Blush Zinfandel
Zippos Sheik III is our Blush Zinfandal, a cute little red roan gelding that makes the final cut every time.  Like Zippo, this dependable medley of delicious sweetness only gets better with age...  Picked fresh from the vine, this grape is bursting with refreshing notes of fruity flavors that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser on show days!    

Medium Dry with Medium Body


IMA FLASHY INVESTMENT | Exotic Fruits Zinfandel
An Exotic Fruits Zinfandel named after an alluring, versatile lady.  “Flashy” is not only an asset to our ranch therapy program but also a best in show competitor.  This award winning vino matches up to her with a perfect pairing of colorful produce.  

Bronze Medalist of the Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association Taster’s Choice – 2013.

Sweet with Light Body


PRINCIPLE STARLET | Strawberry White Merlot
Our Strawberry White Merlot is named after a proven gorgeous brown mare, winning multiple World Championships.  Like Starlet, this leading blush wine carries itself with sweet gentle notes of strawberry, blended with light strides of merlot...a delightful performance that will leave you cheering for more...

Sweet with Light Body


ROSITA ROOSTER | Sangria Zinfandel
Our Sangria Zinfandel named after a flirty brown filly. This little dame is more than a pretty face...she’s a sweet performer with a festive flair!  Like “Rosita”, this ruby red wine spins tantalizing notes of orange, lemon, and lime, coming in with a champion cherry finish...creating a sensational sipper of luscious fruits!

Sweet with Light Body


SPINS ISABELLA | Raspberry Dragonfruit White Shiraz
Our unique Raspberry Dragonfruit White Shiraz, is named after a trusted bay mare with solid skills and a flashy pedigree.  Like Miss “Isabella”, this blush wine is hard to beat. Twirling on the tip of the tongue with a delightfully sweet and tangy ensemble of fruity flavors, makes this wine a real crowd pleaser. 

Sweet with Light Body

Wine Descriptions

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