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Naming Our Wines ~ Red


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Rosewood’s horses have contributed greatly to the heritage and the fine reputation of Rosewood Ranch, and we have paired their names with our wines, according to each horse’s unique characteristic and quality. Read more about each horse’s association with a variety of wine.

Red        Blush        White


Angel with A Gun, this Limited Edition Amarone is named after a frisky filly with a Champion’s pedigree.  “Angel’s” blaze face comes from “Gunner” a reigning sire.  Like her, this wine is a ruby red heavyweight contender and offers a medium oak-earthy finish.

Dry with Medium Oak and Medium-Full Body, LIMITED EDITION!


BOO KOO GOOD TIME | Chocolate Raspberry Wine
Boo Koo Good Time, is our fun-filled Chocolate Raspberry wine.  Named after a lively sorrel filly, both are show stoppers.  Like “Boo Koo”, this wine loves to show off!  Full of sassy, raspberry sweetness and a long luscious chocolate finish...this special dessert was made for a GOOD TIME! 

Sweet with Full Body


BOOTS FOXY PLAYBOY Chocolate Red Velvet Wine
Boots Foxy Playboy, is named after our handsome red, roan gelding. Like Foxy, this wine is as elegant as rich dessert! Blended to perfection, it delivers over-the-top aromas of chocolate, deep dark blackberries and luscious red fruits, sure to please unsuspecting palettes...  As smooth as Red Velvet, this special vino finishes with hints of coconut and creamy mocha that’s “bon vivant” - all the good things in life! 

Sweet with Full Body


COOL SKIP'N TIME | Chocolate Salted Caramel Wine
Cool Skip’n Time, our exceptional Chocolate Salted Caramel wine, named after a pretty red roan filly is true love at first taste.  This duo is as legendary as her grandsire “Coosa”...always performing in the finals.  Like “Cool Skip’n”, this wine is rich in color and taste...a delicious dessert that is true, trusted, and TIMELESS! 

Sweet with Full Body


LIL PEP'N TIME | Chocolate Orange Wine
Lil Pep’n Time, is our spanky Chocolate Orange wine, named after a spirited bay-roan filly with special flair.  Like “Pep’n” and her outstanding pedigree, this wine has snappy-spins of orange marmalade with winning notes of dark chocolate... A decadent dessert to enjoy ANYTIME! 

Sweet with Full Body


CHICKA STAR BUCK | Malbec Bonarda
This Limited Edition Malbec Bonarda is named after a multipurpose steed.  “Buck” is a gentle, trustworthy guy with pure class.  Like our dream boat, this wine exudes southern charm & goes down gracefully with a clean finish every time!

Dry with Medium-Full Body, LIMITED EDITION! 


COOSA PAT | Portuguese Cabernet Sauvignon
A Limited Edition Portuguese Cabernet Sauvignon is named after our ranch’s ole reliable bay.  “Pat” is forever faithful with high marks.  Like his majesty, this wine is dry, full-bodied with a classic cedar and dark fruit compote and a pinch of spice. 

Dry with Full Body, LIMITED EDITION! 


Our classic Nebbiolo named after a stout copper buckskin at the ranch.  “Profit” stands at an incredible 16 hands tall, he’s as handsome as they come.  Our wine is just as intense with fruity, deep oak flavors lingering long after your last sip. 

Dry with Heavy Oak and Full Body


MOE COOSA | French Cabernet Sauvignon
A French Cabernet Sauvignon named after a legacy buck.  “Moe” is a monumental 16 hands stout with loyalty to our therapy program.  This wine is of the mild variety, trusted among customers just like “Moe”, and vividly red as the berries you’ll taste.   

Dry with Medium Oak and Medium Body


Our fanciful Pinot Noir is named after a dashing veteran horse, “Clyde”.   He is our distinguished elder statesman & the Ranch’s MVH (Most Valuable Horse).  Like “Clyde”, our Pinot Noir is aged to perfection and tastes deliciously smooth.

Dry with Medium Oak and Light-Medium Body


COOSA | Cabernet Sauvignon
Our signature Cabernet Sauvignon is named after legendary World Champion “Coosa”.  The anchor of the stable, Coosa sired a legacy of Champions in his wake.  Just like “Coosa” this wine is an anchor in our lineup, it is the King with strong & deep characteristics that leave a lasting impression.

Dry with Medium Oak and Medium Body

Wine Descriptions

CRICK A SHAY | Zinfandel Shiraz
Our Zinfandel Shiraz is named after an all-around ranch horse.  This noble steed strays from no challenge whether its pulling parade carriages, working cattle, or therapy sessions.  Like “Crick A Shay”, this fabulous red is a mix two rich grapes that play together harmoniously.

Dry with Medium Body


ERMOSA | Merlot
Our classic Merlot is named after AQA Superhorse Contender “Ermosa Gallo.”  This gorgeous copper buckskin sire has produced high demand foals all across the country.  The wine is just as superior as “Ermosa” with intense berry aromas.

Dry with Medium Oak and Medium Body


A plush purple Malbec is named after a bay with a high level of sophistication. “Sheik” strides strong & soulfully to bring home the gold.  Like this smooth fella, this wine is dramatic and perfectly delicate. 

Dry with Full Body


BOOTS MADE FOR WALKING | Blackberry Cabernet
Our Gold Medal Winning Blackberry Cabernet is named after a Ranch success, our very own Golden “Nancy”.  It’s love at first sight...this classy palomino beauty steals the show every-time as she scores high points in western riding events.  Just like “Nancy” this robust ruby red wine is a winner, with juicy-sweet notes of blackberries ripe off the vine and just the right touch of zingy edge, makes “those boots keep on a walkin..!”

Sweet with Light Body


JACKIE BE ON TIME | Black Raspberry Merlot
Our deep Black Raspberry Merlot is named after a horse of the same bold color.  “Jackie” is a little red stud muffin who has it all goin’ on.  This Merlot is one in the same blending farm fresh raspberries, grapes & ruby red color with sweet and light body. 

Sweet with Light Body


ONE TIME JACKIE | Black Cherry Pinot Noir
One Time Jackie, our deliciously tart Black Cherry Pinot Noir, is named after one of our most popular ranch horses.  The offspring of  “Merada Time”, he was born a winner.  Like Jackie, this juicy red wine is a steady performer with a delightful blend of tart cherry notes and smooth pinot undertones, creating a tangy finish that will make you tip your hat. 

Sweet with Light Body


ROOSTER JAGUAR | Blueberry Pinot Noir
This sinfully sweet Blueberry Pinot Noir is named after a precious therapy horse.  Our little “Rooster” is as candied as the Pinot.  Fresh on the scene but sure to please with a little tang, a pinch of sugar and dash of spice, this agile wine complements our filly perfectly.

Sweet with Light Body


STEARNS ROAN PEACH | Peach Raspberry Sangria
Stearns Roan Peach, is our Peach Raspberry Sangria named after a big gorgeous black mare that lives up to her reputation... “just a girl wanting to have fun.”  Like “Peach”, this luscious red wine is a playfully delight.  Prancing to the notes of sweet juicy peaches and red raspberries makes this a spicy treat you’ll want to share for any occasion!

Sweet with Light Body

Wine Descriptions

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