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Naming Our Wines ~ White

Rosewood’s horses have contributed greatly to the heritage and the fine reputation of Rosewood Ranch, and we have paired their names with our wines, according to each horse’s unique characteristic and quality. Read more about each horse’s association with a variety of wine.

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BOO KOO SHINE | Torrontes
A traditional Torrontes named after an exquisite palomino.  “Boo Koo Shine”, a foal of the legendary “Shining Spark”, lives comfortably at the ranch-enjoying retirement.   This wine is well structured & aged to perfection like our lovely “Shine”.

Dry with Medium Body


SHINING SPARK | Riesling Chenin Blanc
A Limited Edition Riesling Chenin Blanc named after a famed palomino.  Our handsome “Spark” has produced many dazzling horses for the ranch.  Like him, this special wine has traditional appeal with zest to please any palate.

Medium Dry with Medium Body, LIMITED EDITION!


INVITE THE FOX | Pinot Grigio
Our lively Pinot Grigio named after a horse just as frisky.  With the looks of a thoroughbred and the spirit of a quarter horse, he’s a team player who does exceptionally well in competitions.  Like “Fox”, this white wine is fun & flirtatious.

Dry with Light-Medium Body


MERADA TIME | Chardonnay
A full, buttery Chardonnay named after a golden find & well-rounded stallion.  He’s more than a pretty face, fresh into his career with outstanding promise.  Like “Merada” this supple, fruity chardonnay is sure to linger in the cellar for many years to come. 

Dry with Heavy Oak and Medium-Full Body


Our semi-sweet Mezza Luna Blanc is named after a pretty & accomplished little darling.  She’s up to any task from working hard on the farm to showing off her prize winning skills.  This full & flavorful white wine is as well rounded as the mare it's named for.

Semi-Sweet with Medium Oak and Medium Body

Wine Descriptions

DAISY DUKE | Green Apple Riesling
A spunky little paint pony that’s the apple of our eye... Trusted and true, this sweet apple didn’t fall far from the tree... Like Daisy, this luscious white wine is special.  Always wanting to please, the crisp refreshing flavors of green apple and ripe Riesling grapes are never out of season in this glass of wine.

Sweet with Light Body


Our refreshing tropical Moscato is named after a World Champion. “Daisy May” has a soft trot and beautiful confirmation as she carries riders to the winner’s circle.  Our wine will lead you to paradise just like “Daisy May” leads to victory, with a sweet & light body.   

Sweet with Light Body


SHEZA LADY PRINCIPLE | Peach Apricot Chardonnay
An exceptional Peach Apricot Chardonnay is named after our precious “Dolly”.  This beautiful lady came to us as a yearling & she continues to be top quality.  Like “Dolly”, our Chardonnay is sweet and enjoyable with every sip.
Gold Medal Winner of the Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association “Taste Of Kansas” – 2014.  

Sweet with Light Body


SWEET BONITA DEE | Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio
Our Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio is named after a long legged, black-beauty mare,  loaded with great bloodlines...  Like “Bonita”, this wine wins it’s way into your heart with the subtle taste of sweet juicy pear mingled with succulent ripe pineapple, as it spins it’s way to a crisp refreshing finish...this Sweet Bonita has a little of something for everyone!

Sweet with Light Body


HEZA GOOD GANGSTA | Sauvignon Blanc
Our Sauvignon Blanc, is named after a handsome suave, red roan gelding nicknamed “Cruiser”.  Like Cruiser, this charming wine is guaranteed to entice your palette with notes of zesty lime and hints of flowery peach....  Each smooth sophisticated sip leads you to a crisp, satisfying finish as you lift your glass to say...

Dry with Medium Body 

Wine Descriptions

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