Rosewood Creations


Wine Cellar

Free Wine Tasting


Rosewood Wine Cellar
1901 Lakin
Great Bend, KS, 67530


(620) 603-6410


Mon-Thurs 10a-6p
Fri & Sat 10a-8p
Closed Sunday

At the Rosewood Wine Cellar, you can taste our wine for free while you browse our store. We rotate our wine tasting selections each week, so there is likely going to be a different wine to try each time you visit. We offer three varieties of tastings per visit, plus you can always taste our award-winning Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon – our signature wine. 

Our selection of nearly two dozen fine wines provides something for every palate in red, blush and white – from sweet to dry. Come taste, browse and discover the amazing selections of Rosewood Creations products.

Rosewood Creations P.O. Box 1321 Great Bend, KS 67530